Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our carpet steam cleaning services include all you need to have your carpets looking great once more. When we come to your home, here is what you can expect:


A preliminary inspection and assessment of your cleaning needs will be done first by our expert techs to ensure that the correct tools and methodologies are employed to get the cleanest carpets possible.

Our First Step

is to vacuum your whole house to remove all dry soiled out of your carpet.

Moving Your Furniture

Both to safeguard the furniture and to ensure the most complete carpet cleaning experience, we can move most furniture out of the way for you, at a reasonable rate.

Pre-Treatment / Spot Cleaning

Next, we pre-treat any areas that need special attention. We use only the best, safe cleaning products available on the market today, and you can rest assured that our methods will give you great results each and every time, and at an excellent price.

Pre-Spray and Agitation

We make sure to pre-spray entire carpet area and agitate solution into carpet fibers.

Carpet Cleaning & Extraction

We make use of the most up-to-date in steam cleaning technology to remove the grime and dirt piled up deep in your carpet, and then use our powerful extraction system to remove the liquid and dirt out of your carpet and home. Our process leaves your carpets looking terrific, and we ensure our results each and every time!

Long-Term Protection

As soon as your carpet has been extensively cleaned, it makes sense to further protect your investment by adding a protective treatment to keep it looking wonderful for a longer period of time. This extra treatment creates a protective coating that helps prevent spills and stains from setting deeply into your carpet, and can make a big difference in keeping your carpet looking good for a long time.

We would like to earn your business!

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